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Clutch probs K1 Gix 1k. Any ideas...

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  • Clutch probs K1 Gix 1k. Any ideas...

    Cheers for reading

    Anyway my gixxers clutch has been feeling sloppy compared to the cramps i used to get in my forearms at long lights. Lately (seems to be happening more frequently) as I take off from a stand still at decent pace (Lane splitting) I have had the clutch/gears make this god awful grabbing sensation/grinding sound. Now its all sweet every gear but take off in first. When it happens I have to re apply clutch more revs and release it again.

    I have the workshop manual and re-adjusted the clutch as per instructions and i thought it was fine but obvously its still having problems.
    I don't know if I did something wrong or just didn't tighten up enough/too much..

    Last time I heard this noise on a regular basis my bike shop said I had worn through the hardening layer in 1st so it ended up almost a $1000 job fixing it. Now that was okay since it was under warranty but now i'm 3 months out and well Ive had this grabbing/scraping/scrathcing sound happen to me 2 times in 1 week both times when I had lane split so I looked like a dick ..

    Can anyone help me or tell me what it sounds like? What to check out to confirm what it is? I'll have some major of the road time soon so was hoping to do it during that time... If you need to ride it to diagnose i'll be more then happy to come by and let u I just don't want to see $$ flashing at a bike shop when I have all the tools to do the work myself when I know what it is..

    Will you insure me?!

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    hey frag sup :?:
    my K1 gixxer1000 had what sounds like the same problem, sorry i cant help you cause its now in bike heaven, cause when i took it in for them to look at it never did it, but i copped it a couple times a ride sometimes, especialy when lane splitting, its a fucker and it makes you look like a minda :oops:
    but defenitly sounded to me like gear box troubles, it almost felt like it was selecting 2 gears so the clutch would shuder on take off???

    Q:was it doing the same thing the first time before you got it fixed?
    Q:and did they fix it even for a little while?
    Q:what was it?


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      When it was fixed last time it was because they had to replace 1st/6th gear cog, the gear selector and something else which don't remeber but wasn't clucth. But yeah was doing it before I had it fixed and stopped when I got it back. They told me I wore through the 1st gear hardening layer.

      Now I am thinking possibly its the same thing, 1st gear might be missing some teeth height on the cog and if I ease out clutch and it rubs that section it "Half" slips. Its very hard to describe unless you experience it.

      I re-adjusted my clutch again today incase I just did it wrong last time and once it was adjusted gave the leaver adjustment nob a few turns out to get the spring back in the lever. The friction point is a little early in the leaver action but not as bad as before.

      Once again I appologise for my lack of correct terminology but its not my forte

      I have since tried to replicate this *sinful sound* and so far its good, I guess I will find out in the next few days. I just don't want to any more damage if possible but at the same time want to use up my last cpl weeks of riding before I walk again hehe.

      Meh i'll drop it past bike shop and get mechanic to ride it and let me know.
      Will you insure me?!