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Cornering - bike wants to fall in.

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  • Cornering - bike wants to fall in.

    Looking at getting back on two wheels after a 10 year absence. Test rode a couple of bikes over the weekend. One was an old VF1000, the other an old FJ1200. Both had the same 'feeling'.

    Whenever I went to take a corner/bend/or turn, whether from dead stop or still rolling, the front of the bikes felt like they wanted to 'fall into the corner'. A bit unsettling as it meant I had to be real careful with the leans cause they felt like they were going to fall over.

    What could this be? Both had good front tyres, no chatters or odd wear. Both bikes forks looked good, and there was no notchy feel when turning lock to lock (head bearings).

    Could it be knackered bearings, crappy fork oil or what? Just seemed odd that the two bikes both had the same feel. Maybe it's just me not having ridden for 10 years, but my GSXR750 (new in 89) felt alot 'surer' than these bikes.

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    im not taking the piss...but check the tyre pressure... my ninja had problems that when the pressure was just a little low.... would do the same thing :?


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      Falling in is good, if im reading this right, my bike falls into corners (agile), do you mean it feels like its going to tuck & fold ? Wouldnt think these bikes were agile like that, so might be that there.. a'hem.. top heavy, geometry will also be a factor, different to new bikes. Someone else with more experience than me could elaborate... we have a few racers on this forum.


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        I would think that your gsxr old 750 would weigh about 190-200 kgs and have a fairly low center of gravity.
        Where the vf 1000 is 230-240kgs with a large tall v4 motor,the fj about the same weight with a heavy inline motor, with all that weight up high in the frame it tends to seem that it falls into corners but you will get used to it.
        These bikes are old school lots of power shit handleing, and average brakes.
        Also cupped tyres and low pressure will also be a factor.


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          I would think that theres nothing wrong with the bikes.back in 84?im assuming thats the year of the the vf,and 88 for the fj,they werent really after any great handling charicteristics,just comfort and back then i dont think they would have got it right.this is a cruiser were talking about.i had a 88 cbr 1000 in 88 and it handled like S..T,but it could cruise all day long at 160km, definately didnt handle well in corners but that didnt bother me as it was only a the 89 GSXR1100 if you want better handling as i had one a couple of years back and loved it.good budget high performance bike,and comfortable too.