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  • XBG X-Factor's Greatest hits

    Copy write 2002.

    Released by X-Factor Production.

    Most extreme stunting bike films are around 50-60 mins long. I found this tape's length to be disappointing at a little over 30 mins long with some extra footage in the DVD extras section.

    As the title suggests this DVD is a compilation of several different movie releases by the X-Factor company, including "Urban Assault" and "Moving Violations".

    This means that a lot of the footage can be seen before on other tapes, but it also means a lot of the posing and time wasting has been cut. The vignettes feature primarily west coast riders in Los Angles and Las Vegas.

    Scenes chosen are high quality and feature the usual stunts you expect from the US stunters plus a few high speed runs through traffic.

    I find it unusual to see dark skinned guys riding bikes, not what we're used to in Australia, but it must be a different story in the States. The black guy with the bald head and bad teeth from LVX shows up this release, and provides his usual high standard of stunts, and low standard of dental hygiene.

    All in all a sound release, albeit short. If you're a fan of the genre you will have seen most of the footage already.

    6/10 wheelies.

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    I think the black guy you are talking about is Jason Britton

    QMC productions now online


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      Yes that's him.

      By far the stand out rider in the XGB Release and I read hes due to release a new movie called "Get On Up" Shortly.


      P.S. Looks like he might have had some dental work


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        Jason Britton has already released 'Get On Up' Melkor.

        In store at Causeway Honda now!

        Awesome film.

        Yours to watch Melkor... and review


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          Awsome...I'll be in.


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            you will love it lots of slow speed skill riding