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BMC vs K&N, FactoryPro Velocity stacks & Ignition ad

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  • BMC vs K&N, FactoryPro Velocity stacks & Ignition ad you're bored and you need somethin to read with here they are..
    again...i made few additions to the good old r1 engine... since the bike has become track only, the nitrous had to go and I needed somethin to compensate...
    the objective was to make the r1 as peaky as possible, I know this is most undesirable form of power delivery for most riders but that's how i like it...

    1st out goes the pathetic standard funnel crap and in goes the Factory velocity stacks, according to the advertising hype this is worth 2-3hp above 9000rpm, it may be true but i like to think of it as negligible power just shifts the power curve into the higher rpm range. see their claim here:
    and this is what it looks like installed on me r1:

    2ndly, out goes the K&N filter and in goes the BMC. K&N served me well but I needed somthin better, as always...
    if you compare profiles of K&N and BMC, it is obvious that the BMC has a larger filtration area which I would think equates to higher flow..this will complement the velocity stacks very well. and again, I would like to think of this mod as negligible power gain, just a power curve shifter.
    here is the comparison picture:

    and picture of the 2 together:

    3rdly, probably the most important the iginition advancer... I've gone 4 degrees advance.... on a standard engine on a hot day with pump fuel, it would probably make the r1 engine ping like probs..i'll just have to use octane booster all the time.. in theory this should give better response down low and few ponnies at the peak...

    left one is the Factory advancer and the right is standard

    pics of the two overlapped to see the diff:

    Factory advancer installed:

    last but not the least..was the final gearing change...
    the standard is 16 front and 43 rear.....and I've gone 15 front and 45 rear (non hunting ratio).
    this is equivalent of going 5 more at the rear...wooohooo!!!!
    and of course I've gone 520 conversion at the same time...

    oh...i almost forgot...also got Factory carb kit to install... but my carbs were already set to run slightly rich for the nitrous before so it is most likely not needed...but i got it ready just incase...

    a quick test ride confirmed fullfilment of my is peaky as hell and those velocity stacks sound SIKKK!!!!
    can't wait to take it out to the track...

    I'll have the bike dynoed in the near future before the next trackday...and have it rejetted if it's required...and probably the next thing would be to get yoshi cams...

    oh by the way OZ importer of the parts mentioned above is

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    I respect everything you say cause you're one of these insane-o techno bike guys that people like me get to work on our bikes, but don't understand what they said.

    As I've said before, I don't know how they work, i just ride em...

    but, i'm sorry...

    explain the difference in this pic????????


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      WOW, cant wait for the dyno results


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        Great report Zip.

        Melkor, the differance is a little more noticable when you look at the pic below the one you posted. You can see the lugs on the outer edge are slightly diff in location.

        So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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          does that really make that much difference?


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            explain the difference in this pic????????
            what deej said.
            the difference in the lugs is worth 4 degrees of ignition advance from stock.
            however, i'll have to add that to take full advantage of iginition advance you need to run higher compression ratio and higher octane fuel than i'm told...
            but it'll definitely add that snappier feeling to the throttle on stock engines.

            by the way, all you guys with FI engines won't have to bother with what i did here, all you need is PCIIIr to change the iginition map.


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              Nice and easy, thats the way we like it....


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                so Zip, why didn't you just go the PCIII way if its easier?
                ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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                  show off

                  nice work Zipster


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                    zips bikes not injected,thats why you cant run a pc111.not sure about the fuel ZIP.i dont think its aloud anymore for the track.thats what i read in the rules and 75(2004 manual of motorcycle sport)section6.2.2.1fuel to be no more than98 ron,contain no additives other than those added at the point of manufacture except for two stroke engines.i will keep yours and my secret.


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                      oh what??!! not the section!!!!
                      not that it matters to me..i'm only interested in racecraft/tuning days anyway.
                      anyhow 98 RON seems to be adequate...

                      like gohan said, the bike is carburetted... i'm too old school to be pushing buttons to change fuel/ignition mapping..


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                        nice report zip!

                        so what r u doin with the NOS kit now? muahahaha


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                          on a standard engine on a hot day with pump fuel, it would probably make the r1 engine ping like probs..i'll just have to use octane booster all the time.. in theory this should give better response down low and few ponnies at the peak...
                          Zip, how did you find it ran on pump fuel ? excessive pinging ? By pump fuel are we talking 98+ or regular ?

                          Most of the stories you hear are of bikes in the states, our fuel is generally superior to their's, I would think there would be more mention of pinging issues that being the case.


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                            i've been using BP ultimate 98 for the track and there's no sign of detonation.
                            Plugs were checked after every tuning/raceday. The engine gets revved all the way in 3rd and 5th every lap. So i would say 98 ron is adequate for the above ignition advance. so i guess i underestimated the quality of our fuel... it's a habit i picked up from playing around with turbo cars..


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                              Ahh cool, i didnt think so. Most of the fuel in the states seems to be between 89 - 96 RON.

                              One of the factory Pro +4's turned up on my desk today... I must have ordered it off ebay or something while pissed (its not as uncommon as you think)... I'm tossing up wether to install it or not and see what happens, the engine is stock besides exhaust (and soon airfilter/jetkit).