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Lots of problems with RGV250 please help

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  • Lots of problems with RGV250 please help

    hi, i don't know hardly anything about my bike and lots of stuff is wrong with it. it rides well, starts well but there are some niggles that are annoying me.

    1. The speedomteter and odometer have stopped working! I know it's probably illegal that these aren't working and the guy i bought it off said to just screw something in tighter at the back of the speedo. still nothing

    2. The brake seems to engage pretty late needing quite a handful of grip before any serious stopping power. Could this be caused by low or old brake fluid? There seems to be enough material on the pads and nothing else seems to be wrong with the brakes

    3. The chain has some uneven wear, wheel not aligned ?

    anyway i'm lost on what do to and need some help. if i took it to a dealer to get it fixed how much do you reckon it'll set me back


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    Sounds like you'd be best to play safe and get a mechanic to fix it.
    Give Chookie a ring at Causeway Honda......
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      Ya brakes sound like they have some air in them - you prolly need to bleed them.

      Not sure about your speedo / tacho - Does RGVs have a speedo cable? If so it might be broken...Maybe a loose connection on the tacho wiring.

      I'd definately talk to someone about ya brakes - Go to a bike shop and explain everything - the mech should be able to relatively quickly diagnose the probs and give ya an estimate... Causeway Honda, or Kwaka Northside (NOR) will look after ya!
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        yeah i just took it to a local mechanic who is a friend of mine and he said the brakes are fine just maybe need to top up the brake fluid.

        With the speedometer and odometer I have no idea what is wrong still. the cable is all okay the mechanic and I have checked but can't see any other faults. Maybe it is just the gauge


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          Have you checked the speedo drive gears on the front hub? If the gears are worn they may not be meshing properly, had the same prob on the ZX 10.


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            I dont know from personal experience or anything, but from what I've heard from people who have owned RGV's before is that the brake lever will pretty much trap ur hand while brakeing.. so maybe what you're experiencing is normal?

            NFI about the rest of your problems.
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              anybody know y my bike won't start? I charged the battery, made sure there's enough fuel, everything that I know (which isn't much)

              I kick and kick and it just won't start. anybody got any idea what is wrong?


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                yus! don't worry, the beast is running now, smellier and noiser than ever


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                  done a bit of work on bikes and alot on cars and farm machinery. what you can do where the speedo cable goes in to the speedo unscrew it and you should see some sort of cable sticking out with a funny round thing on the end. when you turn the front wheel this SHOULD turn. if it dosent then the cable is either broken or on some bikes theres a metal bush (like a washer) in the front wheel which keeps the pressure on the turning device (sorry about the correct use if terms).

                  if the speedo cable is turning then unfortunately the speedo is probaly stuffed. they can be fixed but it isnt easy.

                  cheap option if you really want to know what your speed is, is a push bike speedo from kmart. simple to install and alot go up 199klm'h.

                  anyway if you want a hand with anything just pm me or email me and might be able to help (ie come and have a look)

                  ps dont forget that the state libary has tons of motorbike repair manuals if you dont have one.
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                    thanks falcore. i took off the speedo cable and it seems intact and okay and i spun the gear at the rear of the speedo and it moves the needle nicely so i've deduced it's something to do with the mechanism within the wheel. i'll get around to fixing it ... one day

                    btw, does idle at 1500 rpm on an rgv250 sound right? always sounds to me like it's about to stall. when i first start it, the revs shoot up to about 3500 rpm and then after about 30 secs it drops dramatically to 1500, is this just some kinda thing to warm it up? sorry, i don't know jack all about bikes

                    ooh, one other thing, is there meant to be a light for the tacho and temp? cos if there is, mine aint workin, not too worried about it but just curious


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                      light for tacho.... YES!
                      light for temp...NO!

                      Well thats how the lights were set up on my old RGV. The globe actually went out on my speedometer on my RGV and its easy as to fix. The globe can just be pulled out from the back of the guage, take it to ur nearest servo and get a globe for fitty cents


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                        frkinasu: Had the same problem with my rgv speedo, ended up replacing the speedo motor (part on the wheel) that sits on the front wheel as the gears were stripped (there plastic). Got a 2ndhandie for $30 and a cable for $10.

                        What your experiencing with the revs rising & falling when cold is completely normal (cold start up activated by the SAPC unit).

                        1500rpm is normal for idle. If it seems like it wants to stall even when warmed up i'd bet your battery is old & tired. RGV's are VERY sensitive to a battery that aint in good nick. For the sake of $50 for a new one it makes a world of difference.

                        Every RGV brakes i've sampled feel 'spongy'. I had mine set on '1' and ran EBC HH pads which make a BIG difference over stock. Mine were in no way spongy.


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                          $30, not too bad, i'll get around to fixing it one day

                          Thanks for the reassurance about everything. Awesome bike, but it uses a crap load of petrol and oil. Brakes still feel dodge but if that's the way they are then oh well

                          Finally used to the bike now and love to rip it to red line on the straights, gotta love that powerband


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                            there awesome little beasts and i miss mine


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                              yer awesome lil bike aint it?
                              well i'm flicking thru the manual and it says to wash the air filter with a "non flammable cleaning solvent" ??? what would that be?

                              k, i found out at the shop today, no worries.