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Wheel stand....another one...

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  • Wheel stand....another one...

    Hey all.

    I sat down last week and drew up a full 3D model for a stand using AutoDesk Inventor....pdf'd the plans....gave them to a boily mate....and this was the end result.

    It works perfectly. (Yeah, lifts wheel, holds it off ground good, and bike no fall over)

    Basically all you really need to make it is 3m of 20mm square tube....and a welder....and a grinder.

    I'd be more than happy to make the plans available to anyone that want's them......but they are about 5meg of pdf's.....dunno how to send or post them.

    It would be very easy to modify to suit different bikes.

    Anyone got any idea's?


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    Crap and I just forked out $200 for one :x never mind
    looks good dude!
    Still Vertical & Gotta Pulse


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      Dugy, good stuff buddy, i already have a set...but... if u send me the PDF's i can host and post them for you and everyone else wanting to see them

      PM me