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What oil should i be using?

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  • What oil should i be using?

    I got a z50 honda 72 model and i have heard if u use normal 10-40w oil the semi-auto clutch in the bike might slip abit. Does anyone have any recommondation to what oil maybe better or what they have tried and know works :? :?

    I have also got a problem with a oil leak that is coming out of left hand side of the bike (where the fly wheel and contact braker is housed) I have been to honda and got a new seal and put it in but it is still leaking at a fast rate. I sealed all the bolts with silcone sealant and around the contact braker plate aswell. But i have still have not had any luck!!!:cry: :cry:

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    Hi FordGT,

    My recommendation is to get advice from the best source possible and then you shouldn't have any problems. Go and See Chookie/ Khamal from Causeway Honda in Vic park and tellem Perth Street Bikes sent ya.

    This way you can get the low down on the oil and advice on fixing your oil leak.



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      thanx i think i have worked it out now but i tried some type of motorcycle oil it and it made the clutch very sticky and i couldn't not change gears at all.