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    I will soon have a little 250cc carby fed Vtwin .. if I were to fit an aftermarket can would current settings be Ok ...would I have to change anthing substantial jet the carbys? ect. I m not after more power (would be nice ) just more noise ...*so the cars can hear me coming officer , er ......saftey resons *
    specificly v twins if there is a difference ... I was hoping to get away with it for under $200 am I going to be disapointed ..
    what about removing baffles inside the existing muffler (dodgy stylee) could somone give me a link to a string this is covered in or some advice ....please ......thanks ..
    .. practice .. practice.. practice ..

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    Wanna find me some nice cans for my RGV while you're at it dude?
    I need another pair, I don't care how noisy they are, as long as their not split