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  • Pipe anyone

    The most talked about mod...?

    What pipes u have /had...
    Was it any good?
    Any problems ?
    Howz it sound ?
    Would u purchase it agiain?

    anyone ...
    Nick :twisted:

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    What pipes u have/had: Yoshimura RS3 Race Titanium Slip On Half System.

    Was it any good: Nice pipe. Very good finish. Did not tarnish like some Titanium pipes do so easy to keep clean with soap and a shammy. Gave 6 HP on the dyno and 4HP on the dyno with the bolt on I tried.

    Any problems: A little quiet until about 500 k's went thru it and the baffle packing sorted itself out.

    Howz it sound: Very good. Not too noisy and hollow like some carbon firbe systems (note "some" not meaning to offend everyone). Deep growl, not tinny. This is on a 1000cc bike, havnt not heard on anything smaller.

    Would u purchase it agiain: I did. Just bought the Yoshi TriOval slip on half system for the new bike. If I did not have a Suzuki tho, I would consider other pipes. Yoshi are very good at making pipes for zookie. That is wot all their R&D research goes into.

    Ect: I am so damn goodlookin.

    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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      wonders anyone wanna buy stock standard pipes off a zx9r whole lot headers and all


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        good work deej 8)
        Nick :twisted:


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          I'm waiting for the jardine for my 600rr. Everyone on the net says they sound sweet n loud.


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            I got a Roo racing can for my 9...

            Really loud and had less power than the stock can... :?

            I think it was prolly needed the carbs rejeted to suit the can... :?:

            I didn't have the $$, so I swapped em back...
            Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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              i got a roo. not first choice but i am a impulse buyer and it was there so i brought it. sounds sweet. i got it jetted and chucked in a k+N gained a extra 4hp in midrange.


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                Hmm, think I'll start saving...

                Still got the can...
                Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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                  Pipe: Devil SB2 Titanium

                  HP Before CAN : Unknown (Bike specced around 96hp)

                  **See for graph**

                  HP AFTER can : 106hp at wheel. (!!)
                  (K+N Filter also added)

                  Approx gain : 10hp

                  Would I buy again : FARK YEAH!

                  Sounds awesome and performs the best that I've seen so far.

                  If you want the DynoTime graph for my bike, let me know. It's on the PC at home.. Will put it on my web server if people are interested. 8)

                  These are a French import, see Lindsay for more info / ordering ([email protected])

                  Reporting LIVE from Scotland!


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                    on the sp-1 I used to have remus carbon slip ons. I thought they were ok but pretty quiet. I then found a second hand akrapovic full ti system with carbon cans…the difference was unbelievable :shock: . holding them both back to back, the entire akra system weighed heaps less than just the two remus cans (not far off being equal to one standard can). i got a power commander at the same time i fitted the system and there was a noticeable difference in power. not heaps, but it did go a bit better (never had it dynoed). it sounds fucking awesome now too. looks schmick and is great quality. we got an akra ti half system for the cbr6rr as well. it screams...sounds pretty good (you probably heard it at the track) for an inline 4. pretty expensive but very nice.

                    i also had a roo racing pipe on my old zx-6r. that was pretty nice too. sounded pretty meaty and felt pretty good (never rode it without a pipe though)

                    i still think the best mod you can do to your bike is also one of the cheapest - change your gearing!!!


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                      Most power we get out of a bike is with a Roo pipe


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                        While we are on the subject, does any one know of anyone selling a slip-on (or full sys) for my SV. I don't want to buy new because I will be looking to replace the bike next year. Oh, and i'm skint!

                        I want "rumble, rumble, rumble", rather than washing machine sound!!!


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                          Twin titanium Yoshi's, thumpin pipes for the SP-1, sets car alarms off in city riding! :mrgreen:


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                            Got a full yoshimura system for the Bird.

                            Fuckin Awsome. Had it dyno's and putting out 138.2 hp at the rear wheel.
                            Don't know what it was before and also have a K&N air filter.

                            The weight of the full system is less than the weight of one oriinal can. Also love the sound, when i get to about 6k it starts to sound sweet, I love it.


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                              I have a Remus gran prix on my 96 ZX7R. You'll have to listen to mine one time....sounds EXCELLENT to say the least. Muffler build quality seems very good from what i can tell.

                              Just hurry up and get a new can so you can release more of that lovely kawasaki scream onto our roads!