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  • Bolts etc.

    Everytime I go out for a Sat ride I seem to be loosing mre and more bolts. Rather than do the bunnings thing like Ace , where is a good place to get replacement bolts (either polished, anodised or titanium) in perth?
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    just order a full set from probolt, it's easier and adds a bit of style


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      hey Bunnings rocks dude, I go there just for the cheap hotdogs and drinks
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        maybe a start?


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          Too expensive, plus I can't afford a whole kit. I just want somewhere I can go and replace a few at a time sorta thing.

          BTW how do I know which bits on the bike I can replace with Alloy bolts?

          I.E What is considered "stress" points.
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            have your tried loctite? it is sorta like a special glue for bolts and stuff i find it works well for keeping stuff attached
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              ok then maybe sweetmans fastners just of southstreet near near hilton (pm for exact location) they may be able to match what you need or will be able to recommed somewhere.


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                u can use a smear of silicone on bolts instead of loctite if u want it works well. use it a work all the time as have heaps of sili but keep losing little loctite bottle ($14 a pop)
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