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Cost of re-spraying bike?

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  • Cost of re-spraying bike?

    My bike is off the road for a while and i want to change the colour of it. I have removed all fairings (and tank etc.) and the stickers have been removed to.

    I looked into D.I.Y. spraying as a cheaper alternative , but am wondering if anyone would know or could give me some estimate, or even guess of the cost of getting this done professionally. I only want it done in one colour, and also, all the parts to be sprayed have already been removed (would this make it cheaper? :roll: )

    Any advice from anyone who has done anything like this before, or just from anyone in general is welcome. I really have no idea :shock:


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    In theory, taking all the parts off should make it cheaper... I take it there's no plastic welding, or general fixing-up of panels?

    Should be well under a grand to get done, I think. I got a quote for my long-gone RS125, a full re-spray after doing some not-insignificant plastic welding and general fairing repair stuff came out to be $900. That was from Nelson Brothers, a dedicated (and very good) motorcycle paint place.

    A guy I work with just had a custom job done on his Harley, flame job etc. and it cost him around $2500. Looks nice though 8)


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      send a pm to gohan on this forum he is the paint man.


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        I had my tank repaired, front fender & rear cowling resprayed for $700 by Motorcycle panel & Paint in 2pac black. Great job.

        But yeah speak to Gohan his work looks shmick!

        But for a full pro job you are looking 700-1000.
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          I had a bad experience with Motorcycle Panel and Paint. When they repaired and resprayed my ZZR, they didnt clear coat it, so when stones chipped the paintwork, the chip ended up being the size of a 5 cent piece.
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            i was talking with one of the reps from causeway kwakka when a mate was looking at a new 9, he was sayin that for $1000 u can have ur bike painted to a factory spec standard in ne colour.. ive forgotton the mob he said they use but it might be worth goin in and askin..
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              motorcycle pannel and paint can do some awesome work, i haven't previously heard of any problems with them, i was impressed with the job they did for me


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                gohan is the man to ask, he did mine and its awesome 8)