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Clutch Help Please.

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  • Clutch Help Please.

    It looks like my clutch is on the way out. It make noises when hot and also slips under high revs. There is no difference in normal riding atm.

    The bike has done 50,000ks.

    What parts would likely need replacing?

    As its a CBR1000f and hard to get aftermarket parts for sometimes am I better off going for OEM or can I get better aftermarket parts for the same price?

    Considering I'm not that fast a rider and not into the the wheelie/drag scene is there any point going for Kevlar plates and stiffer springs?

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    I guess it depends on how long your gonna keep the bike, If your keeping her a long time them spend some extra doh but if your selling her in maybe a year or two then the standard parts should be good enough at 50,000k she is probably on her original so theres no reason to say you wont get another 50,000ks from another stock clutch.
    Parts prolly needed would be, friction plates ( 8 off),springs(5 off) and steel plates ( 8 off). and remember to change the oil and filter,Last but not least get a new clutch housing gasket.

    I have a haynes manual for this model, you can borrow or buy it for future reference.Covers CBR600f1& CBR1000f 1987 -1996. $25

    And one last thing, not trying to be silly but make sure your running her on bike oil as this bike uses a "wet clutch " and car oil will bugger this up.

    good luck with it.


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      Thanks for your reply Gordo.

      I already have acces to a manual, but thanks anyway.

      The oil is the annoying thing actually. I just paid $70 for some Motorex Synthetic only a week ago from Causeway. Now I have to drain it and for out for another bottle. Grr!

      plan on keeping for it for a long time. (Unless I crash it trying to keep up with Max, Ace and Warpie )
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        And make sure before you put it all together you soak the clutch plates in oil for a day. My KLX had this problem. Someone didnt soak the plates so instead of seven plates doing the work there was only one. Wore that one plate out real fast.