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  • Plans for bike stand

    A while ago I mentioned I made a bike stand, but I forgot to post the plans.

    Here they are:

    Made for a TRX850, but you can easily adjust the dimensions as you need to.

    Note: The stand is fairly compact but I found it is still reasonably easy to push it down with one hand, holding the bike with the other.
    It gives the rear wheel about 50mm clearance of the ground, if you reduced this to say 20mm to make it easier to lift it up.

    Feel free to dnld and have fun making it.

    Oh yeah, it's 20mm SHS (Square Tube).
    The bolts are because it was easier than geting rod, easier to weld in place too.

    *Disclaimer* If you fall off trying to do a wheelie-dude / christ-air / leap-of-faith, me not responsible.........but you shoes! Post photo's!


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    :shock: Lot of effort went into making the plans, well done m8

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      nice drawings.
      did u do that on CAD? of so, which version

      perhaps instead of reducing the height to make it easier to push up, you could just have increased the length of the handle. increasing the leverage. and also some wheels...
      No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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        I drew it up in AutoCAD Inventor.

        Yeah you could make the handle longer, but then you got a bigger stand taking up more storage space.
        This way it's nice a compact and sits nicely on the beer-fridge in the carport.

        I didn't bother with wheels as you don't need them if you leave the front wheel free.


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          Great minds think alike!!!

          ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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            Yup. 8)

            We should go into production.....along with zipdrive/calvin/kneedown.

            People could order genuine PSB bike stands.


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              any plans to make a front wheel stand at all????


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                any plans to make a front wheel stand at all????
                Hadn't really thought about it, I haven't had to do anything requiring one. *touch wood*

                If I do I'll post the plans.


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                  perhaps you could have a detachable lever? similar to whats in a hydraulic jack? (i.e. a pole that u put into a hole, and when you're done, it clips onto the outside.....)

                  i recently obtained a fully working version of autoCAD 2005, and have made a few 3d drawings with it. but i'm teaching myself as i go! lol. and i think i need a bigger screen! lol
                  designing a set of custom rearsets atm....
                  No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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                    Yeah you could make a detachable lever. But it works fine.

                    AutoCAD is good, but if you really want to model stuff and be able to see it in 3D then Inventor is then go.
                    There are better programs, such as Solidworks, but very pricey and very secure. No "backups".

                    If you got any P2P software you should be able to get a hold of Inventor, but of course you should always buy software. P2P is evil, like wheelies. :roll:


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                      the 3d stuff in 2005 seems pretty good.
                      it seems autodesk inventor is actually not based on autocad. it's an alternative product bought out by the same company. that, according to autocad for dummies "they sacrifice autoCAD compatability in favour of a more fundamentally design - and 3d oriented approach to CAD."
                      wouldn't mind buying that book (or finding it online)
                      aaah yes, p2p sharing
                      wouldn't know anything about that. :twisted:

                      like your design btw.
                      done any other stuff for your bike in CAD.
                      i'd love to design the mods to my frame...but i wouldn't even know where to start entering it in! lol
                      No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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                        Ah ok, the last version of AutoCAD i used was 2000.

                        Nope haven't done anything else for the bike.


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                          nice plans dude, I'm impressed
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