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  • turbos and nos

    hey guys,

    just curious about bikes,turbos and nos... who in perth does the conversions, does anyone ride a turbo/nos bikes and can 2 strokes be turboed?? i have seen them with nos before...

    any links, information or personal experience would be great id love to actully see one on the street or something

    cheers guys

    P.S. imagine and turbo charged NOSed rgv huhuhuh

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    Re: turbos and nos

    P.S. imagine and turbo charged NOSed rgv huhuhuh
    you clown

    Chris Mills preformance in Welshpool sells NOS (and refills)

    i doubt you'll find a turbo to suit a RGV...

    i have a strange idea.... wait untill you get a BIG bike.. :roll:

    but...if your still interested.. 8)


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      Re: turbos and nos

      Imagine and turbo charged NOSed rgv huhuhuh

      I can imagine the sound.

      Take 1 empty paint tin, throw in a handfull of bolts and a stray cat.

      Seal lid and put in bunnings vibrating paint mixer.

      Howling hiss-ing rattle noises right up until the engine haemorrhage's.


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        Given how quickly an RGV hits the rev limiter you'd prolly be shifting to often to really enjoy it

        If you do decide to do it to an RGV, good luck and remember to let us know how you go!!


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          its just more curiosity than anything...

          nice one dougy...

          more research is needed....

          cheers cad i seen mr turbo hes done some nice shit lots of hp!!


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            trying to turbo a 2 stroke is like turboing pheripheral ported rotary(almost impossible), you'll end up with very narrow powerband if at all. But it has been done to an rgv 250 before.
            I think you'll have more fun and success with RG500 conversion than going turbo or nos.


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              On an RGV that could be pretty interesting hitting the powerband on boost. It'd be like no power... no power... no power... whoa... bike upside down... no power.... no power...


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                just got an email back and its not possible as the seals in the motor will not handle boost... but NOS is avaliable


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                  Nice and expensive way to clean out your exhaust ports/valves I guess

                  It has been suggested before and the results would be very cool, make sure you've got another pair of barrels ready to go if you're going to run NOS :twisted: