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Used oil dispossal?

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  • Used oil dispossal?

    I know everyone asks what oil to use and where to get it.
    Now it's my turn to ask what do you lot do to disppose of used dirty oil?
    How do you guys dispose of it safely and don't go and tell me to put it down the drain.
    I am sure there is a reasonable way of doing it. Putting it in an empty coke bottle or sumthing.
    Any comments?

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    well i always keep the left overs from last oil change and poor it in to flush the sump after i have drained the oil. then just poor the old oil into the empty and chuck it in the trash. poor the new oil in and again keep the leftover for next time.


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      If you have a look thru this site it will have the locations you can drop it of at and all sorts of other info.


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        Some local authorities will collect your oil, I live in Carramar and on certain weeks( recycling week ) I can just leave the used oil in a suitable container next to the wheelie bin and they collect it.....


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          tamalar park on marmion ave between clarkson and kinross get rid of it properly. We have old 50 litre cans that used to hold hydrualic oil which we fill with all the crap and left over oil in and give it too em. Costs ya i think though.


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            I pour mine out the front, basically on the lightpole(wooden) which is on our front garden. This would help with any type of termite problems aswell Just hope no one puts a match to it haha
            Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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              your local waste transfer station should have a section (big-ass drum) for used oil disposal.