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mods for my VTR250

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    Hey Guys,

    Im about to buy a Vtr250 and want to know how you change the tail light to like the pictures on here.

    Where do you buy it etc... also found some small indicators on eBay but are too small, is there anywhere else you can buy similar ones to the ones on his bike?

    Also is chopping and sanding the Guard off all you have to do? looks like the number plate has been placed higher...

    would really appreciate your help.

    Cheers, Mark


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      Yeah. Been looking everywhere for a handle bar too. Got a pro taper bar but will not fit as will have to mod all the cables and hose.



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        Hey mate,

        My brother had a 2001 model and swapped the bars to the pro taper SE bars and did it with ease. Made the bike far more comfortable and easy to control, especially coming from motocross bikes. That is if nothing too major has changed from 2001 up. I'll ask him next time I talk to him and let you know how he did it.


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          thanks Boska. Looking forward to know which bar he used. The one i had fitted welll but just too long and had to cut it but will cause some complication once assembled.


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            I see this bike parked a lot at work. Does who ever own it work at Burswood?
            I'm torn between nuking the whole thing, and preserving it as an example of the sandiest vagina I've seen in a long while
            Me: " some cop would take a photo of you the first chance you go over the limit and no one would let you merge and someone would have thrown a stubbie through your window and chased you the rest of your journey for being in pole position. "


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              Hi Hondakid,

              Which bike you talking bout?


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                Bump for vtr250 newbie fanclub.
                Originally posted by Ferris
                I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

                Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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                  Hellava mad lookin' VTR, that seat absoultly looks mint, Not sure how keen i'd be to part with large amounts of cashiolia on the too50 though


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                    wow. four years later this thread is still going. if only I had the time/money/inspiration to do the same to the r6!


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                      hey guys just got one of these for my wife and would like to know what crash knobs fit it ?
                      any help would be awesome


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                        Those were branded 'OGGY knobs'

                        you can find stockists here

                        Kenma Australia: Performance Motorcycle Accessories, Axle Oggys and Oggy Knobbs by Promoto the original Australian crash protection