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Your view's on Bridgestone tyres? (or better options)

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  • Your view's on Bridgestone tyres? (or better options)

    After going thru the last post on tyres.

    I rekon I'll go with getting some Bridgestone tyres.
    Just wondering what the guys that bought some (Campo/Madamx/Hewie etc.) think of them. Grip/km's/etc
    (The TRX850 had Macadams on them when I bought it. Tyre profile of housebrick, even before I wore the middle out. :roll

    This is the current range anyway. Looking at the sport/touring side of things.

    The BT-56ss, 014 and 020 can go on the trx.

    Also: The front is ok, should both really get done at the same time?

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    i got me an 020 on the front of my trx. Very nice

    mind you andything is better than a scalloped out p.o.s that was on there before :twisted:



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      When it comes to tyres, each to there own. Different bikes, different riding styles and so on, give them a go and make your own mind up.

      For me, don't like them :oops: I prefer to have Dunlop of Michellin for street riding, Dunlop in winter and Michellin for summer, but that's me.


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        hmmmm i rode the Pirellis for a bit and was pretty impressed , I raced the start of the season on the metzlers and was really happy with them , nice and progresive, but saying that , they didn't wear that well , but i think that was more a problem with my susspension settings.
        I'm now on the Michelins , and people believe me when i tell you that their race tyres are shit in the wet :shock: :oops: not that the're designed for wet riding , but fuck they were slippery , when the track dried up they were great, and i'm looking forward to some fun racing on them.


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          hey dugy, my girlfriend has a bt012ss on the front of her 900 blade, and a bt56 on the back, and they grip bloody well, while the rear should last for a bit with the bt56 there.... hoping anyway
          i still prefer the pirellis, but they dissappear fast....


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            It will always be the same old story More grip = less Km's / Less grip = more Km's :idea:

            My veiw is don't penny pinch on tyres because at the end of the day it can cost you more :!: 8)


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              i got a battelaxe onmy rgv and i cant complain about that... pretty sticky and i got a bridgie on the front as well, cant fault either but then again i never had anything different and i only just started ridinga year ago


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                ahhh bugger ... lost it

                Ok Ill write it all again ..

                I used the 012ss and 001s on the track and they were fuckin awesome. They held up really well and performed beautifully.

                After almost a full day of riding I still had heaps of rubber left.

                I used them on the road for the next 4 months. I was riding 100km a day on them and they were perfect.

                The only thing I can say with these ones is I found I had to give them a bit more time to warm up before I went out hard. Say 5 - 10 minutes of reasonable behaviour. After that they stuck to the road and were fantastic.

                If you speak to chookie (alan) ask him if you can speak to the bridgestone rep (Dave i think) he knows heaps about all of this and he was spot on about wat he told me. Right down to how they would perform and feel.
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                  i,ve used the 012,s and thrashed the bike around the road& track and they were excellent,the ss,s are to soft for the riding your going to do.still think the dunlop 208,s are a good tyre though.everything else hasnt worked for me,pilots,corsers


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                    just curious, how much for those racy tyres?

                    btw. your lego bike looks cool


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                      just curious, how much for those racy tyres?
                      Dunno, no prices on the website. The bike-tyre shops should have some?

                      btw. your lego bike looks cool
                      No matter how old you get, clowning around with lego is still fun. 8)


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                        Ive used quite a few different types of tyres on the r1, and the previous r6, and i recken the pirelli supercorse evo's are the go.

                        though the rear will wear out in roughly 2000kms, if you've got a heavy throttle hand.

                        -price you pay i guess



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                          i got a price on some bt92's yesterday, to suit an rgv.
                          how does $140 for the front and $220 for the rear sound?
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