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where to find circlips?

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  • where to find circlips?

    so i kicked my kick starter a little too hard one time and my kick fell off :? i can't find the circlip that keeps the kick where it should be; and the dealer says i can't buy that individual part. Anybody know where I can find circlips?

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    Wrecker's yard??

    Call around a few more places they should have an idea of where to get em or what you can use instead.

    Ian at Biker's Courner seems to be up on RGV's.


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      sweetman fasteners


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        try Supercheap, Coventrys or just ask around at any car workshop they usually have a tray with 100's of various sized circlips.

        In the meantime you could try locking it on with some small copper wire but becarefull you don't loose it when your going.


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          Yeah Coventry's or Repco, but try Cov's first, they seem to be the only auto parts chain around now that properly cater for the backyard mechanic :roll:


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            problem solved, went to coventry's and they said they didn't have the correct size but could have one made. but rather than waiting for a circlip to be made i just went to repco and bought a random assorment of various sized circlips, luckily one of them did the job. unfortunately i didn't end up with a 20c solution but hey i'm not complaining for $7

            thanks for all the advice.

            edit: oh, supercheap only sold plastic circlips


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              fyi: sweetmans have a warehouse full of that stuff..