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It's too loud or I'm too old

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  • It's too loud or I'm too old

    Does any one out there have a idea how I can quiet the exhaust of my DR-Z 400. The silencer has only an end cap that can be removed and no access to the packing. I leave early in the morning so a good neighbour policey sort of applies

    These are shot of the system.

    Any sugestions would be welcome.

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      I'd try stuffing a heap of that flexible steel wool stuff around that core, and see how that goes.

      Otherwise, I'd say put the standard muffler back on, but that looks like the standard one already. I wouldn't even thinnk about installing a FMF Q Series. ALthough quieter than a full performance pipe, still very loud.

      Have a look around the web. Some of the aftermarket XR mufflers had extra baffles that could be fitted one on top of the other in a stack, in place of the spark arrester. They may makje one for the stock DR muffler??


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        I tried stuffing 4 steel washing pads in on saturday, it was fairly packed but it didn't make any difference. Maybe I should keep shoving stuff up my exhaust until pressure starts to back up.

        Thanks for posting the pics dubs, I was just trying to save PSB bandwidth.