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Cutting Down/Reshaping Your Seat

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  • Cutting Down/Reshaping Your Seat

    Looking at the seat on the gixx, there seems to be about 10-15mm of foam that could removed. I dont do long rides so substituting comfort for having a larger portion of my foot on the ground seems like a pretty good trade to me.

    Does anyone know of someone who does or has experiance in cutting down seats?


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    Stumbled across this the other day, dont know if it helps.
    My Turbo Build

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      Thanks, after reading that I will definately stay away from DIY.


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        Johns Motor Trimmers
        9470 5531

        7 Adrian Street Welshpool

        or I can get it done for you.

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          Kewl thanks for that Churchy. I'll give them a call and see.


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            Just bought a SL230 for the Missus and the previous owner was Vertically challenged. She took the seat to a normal car upholsterer and he cut out 25mm of the foam you are talking about and recovered it. Still soft enough on the bum.

            I just bought a Corbin seat for the bird, which dropped me, 30mm and distributes the pressure beautifully. If your keeping the bike long term they are expensive but worth it I reckon.


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              Corbin seat? Where did you get that to Wrex?


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                That’s my seat minus the poofy backrest with red striping rather than the purple. Someone bought it in for a customer and he reneged on the deal so the importer was stuck with it. He gave it to Causeway Honda to try and sell for cost and I bought it. RRP is about $750 Ask #151/Chookie he will be able to source em surely.

                The main difference between the Corbin And OEM is I now sit 30mm lower so less stress on wrists. The seat actually angles up towards the seat so in extreme braking I am not compromising the family jewels. The main pressure on the OEM was right at the base of the pubic bone well no more the sides of the Corbin are fatter and the pressure is more taken up on the inside of the thighs and on the fleshy part of the bum. The Corbin also has numerous gel inserts very soft and comfy. As ACE will Guarantee the pillion part is scalloped so the pillion doesn’t move at all, my wife loves the seat and reckon its money well spent.


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                  US$219 ouch indeed.

                  Thats really interesting, thanks Wrex. Id never heard of them before.

                  Think I may take the "cut the stock one" approach though - got a quote for $50 (assuming it doenst need to be recovered).


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                    Yeah i wouldn't pay full price either unless i was touring. I would ask if they can take all the crap cheap foam off and use a more high density spongier foam if you know what i mean.
                    You surely could pick up a used one from a wrecker cheap even if the cover is ripped and mod that one so you still have the original to put on the bike when ya sell it and offer the modded one as a sweetner for the deal


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                      just keep the foam they cut out.
                      ...and on the seventh day God said "Let there be light!", and Chuck Norris said "say please!"


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                        just keep the foam they cut out.
                        I had my seat re-foamed and re-shaped 2 weeks agoby Stephen Unkovich and its fantastic

                        Guy has been reccomended here before.

                        Got it Covered
                        9259 0989

                        Mine cost $220, but I had the works, recovering, re-foaming and re-shaping.

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                          Why did you have it re-foamed?? Wanted something a little denser?


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                            Why did you have it re-foamed?? Wanted something a little denser?
                            Well the bike is 8 years old, but mostly because I needed something for my fat ass.

                            Plus I wanted something wider and with a different shape as I was getting my bits crushed against the tank when braking then moving too far back when giving it the berries. Seat now has extra padding on the sides and front and the back part has been dished out. Also gave a slight dish to the pillion seat to stop them sliding around.

                            I'm now held in place front and back and can more more freely side to side.
                            You put the c*nt in country run


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                              ahhh.. kewl. I just want as much cut out as possilbe.
                              May get a second hand one and get it chopped to the max, so I can keep the original until I have a little more confidence or want to go for a long ride.

                              Thanks for the info guys!!