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Ahhh....I need help !!!!!!!

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  • Ahhh....I need help !!!!!!!

    Hey guys....this is the problem...woke up this morning and eveything was cool....the gixxer fired into life I rode her for about 10 mins before getting to a mates place and heading off to work. I arrive back at said mates house later today, jump on the bike to come home turn her on roll her out of the garage and before I can fire her up....she dies, no juice at all....

    Now here comes the dilemma...after finding the battery, we jump start....HOORAY, I'm going home...disconnect the charge pack...and she dies....we do it again, keeping the revs up in an attempt to get some life back into the battery.....take the charge pack off, she dies........

    Does anyone know what could be causing this ???? I would've thought once the bike is going then it would be fine and the battery would charge...I need help guys....there are no extra kill switches, and no security devices on her.....she's a stock '00 gixxer 750

    Thanks in advance if ya can help me out guys
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    I had the same problem and my bike was fine once I had fully trickle charged it.
    You put the c*nt in country run


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      that usually means your battery is stuffed.if it has got less than the specified volts in it,then it wont run the ecu,injectors etc.doesnt matter if you jump start it,if theres not enough power in the battery it wont run.go get a load test at any sparky and it will most probably turn out that its not holding charge.if it does hold charge its most likely your voltage regulator.
      GOOD LUCK :roll:


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        Take it down to Dale & the boys Spun, they'll fix it up.


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          yep sounds like the battery speared in, it might have droped a cell therfore wont hold charge enough to keep the bike running, if you want the quickest cheap way out, cheap meaning not replacing something that doesnt need to be, try to get hold of a secondhand but tested good battery and see if the bike fires up and then check the charge rate at the battery, 12.5V +-.5V, if its good then vuala, your battery is cheese! if not then take her to the shop and prepair yourself!
          hope its just the battery m8 :?


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            Thx really know how to settle
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              Your voltage under charge should be between 13-14.5 volts.
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                Spun if your battery is not the "sealed" type you can check the electrolight level.

                either look into the battery from above or from the side and you should see fluid evenly covering all the plates.
                If this is low the battery wont hold a charge,

                So if you can get to it ( be very carefull as this stuff is very corrosive especially too your eyes) top up the levels with distilled water ( I use an old syringe old habbits die hard ! ) then charge the battery and it might come back to life ..... ( This is exactly what I done to the battery in Chunk Fuck and that was about 18 months ago and she still has the same battery)

                I have an old battery in my garage which can be used for testing if you wanna try it.... Just let me know and I'll charge it up.

                Or you if you don't wanna mess arround just buy a new one !!

                good luck