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Gunk build up.

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  • Gunk build up.

    I've got this problem where Chain Lube and shit builds up on the underside of my 02 ZX12R's fairing.
    The fairing continues under the bike, almost up to the tire. And chain lube somehow builds up arond the drive sprocket housing.
    Slowly makes it's way down to the fairing, and as I'm traviling along, it ends up on my back tire, which is bad.

    Not only there but it runs down my side stand and sprays all over the place when I'm Going fast. I only use a bit on the chain at a time (on the inside of the chain), every 500k's or so after a ride when everything nicely warmed up, but the shit still ends up everywhere, I'm using bell-ray super clean chain oil, Which is suposed to stay on your chain very well.

    I've never had a bike that colects so much shit under there. I'm just getting sick of having to clean the area up after every ride.

    Anyway, what I'm asking is, should I change to a different chain oil or is it a design fault with the bike, The offending fairing that collects the oil and shit really doesn't need to be there, maybe If I had it removed..?

    Do any other ZX12R owners have the same problem?

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    I don't have a ZX12R but I used to use Chain Lube, it didn't fling much, but by the looks of this link out of my old chain, it doesn't do a very good job of penetrating.

    <-- One seriously f**ked chain link.

    I don't know how many km's were on the chain when I bought the bike, so I can't blame the CL outright. But I used to be very thorough when taking care of the chain.

    I recently go a top of the line RK chain and was advised to use the Silkolene.

    This Silkolene doesn't fling at all.


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      Hmm, thanks for the advice, but I don't need it anymore...
      I "ran out of talent" and fell of my bike, and as a result the bike was writen off! :cry:

      Total Bummer, but shit happens.


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        first - i laffed

        second - no disrespect

        third - wax is good me thinx


        [L] laffed too


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          I know this actual thread is redundant now, but some one asked my the same question last night, re gunk build up...

          I did 13000 km on the Blade in one trip, and used the time to compare chain lubes. I used one whole tin up, then tried the next, used it every second feul stop (one 3 different bikes & chains). A lot of it was wide open roads sitting at speed for long periods. I tried 6 varieties. What I found was BP chain lube is total utter crap big time, Sicolene Race was easily the best preformer/least flinger/best chain condition, and the others Rock oil etc were pretty much of a much ness. I cant remember now what the other I tried were.

          When you wash your bike do you clean off the old lube spray??

          My procedure with every second wash is to use spray degreaser (that $1 stuff from WA salvage/ bunnings does the job) all around the sub frame/undercarriage. Spray it on, (not on your lawn!!) wait 60 secs (not too long cos it came be harmful to plastic/paint/rubber) hose off, then wash as normal. Also, about every 6 washes I pull the front sprocket cover off, hit it with the same 60sec of degreaser, then hose it for like 60 sec while rotating rear wheel.

          My bike is always pretty good with this.
          222 Loctite doesn't taste too bad.


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            Hmm, that sounds like a fair bit of work.
            Could solve my problem tho...

            Wait... Hang on!

            I don't have a bike any more. Umm, maybe the pushy chain needs a good lube....

            Sorry, I've had to much vodka (helps dull the pain)!

            But thanks for the advice anyway, I should be up and riding a bike with an "engine" in a few months.


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              hope you is ok maybe the chain lube you was using hit the tyre again = no traction
              A site all parents should check regulary



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                Yeah, I'm still kicking *throws back another shooter*, I was having trouble with chain lube getting on my rear tyre so that may have been a contributing factor, or maybe I was just going too fast... Hmm... :?

                Oh well shit happens, whats done is done.