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Rattly cat?

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  • Rattly cat?

    Hey all,

    Recently I've noticed a rattle coming from the zx, it didn't sound like a mechanical rattle so I let it be for a couple of days thinking probably something wobbled a little lose and is tapping against something.

    Anyway it got a little louder so I got off with it running, rolled around listening for where it was coming from and it's definately coming from the cat convertor sitting under the engine. Sounds like it might of just blown out or fractured somehow.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to go about this? I know with cars it may just end up blowing out eventually and not being an issue (plus having no cat to restrict flow...) however the noise shits me to tears and I get looks from people thinking jeez whats wrong with that?

    So should this be a warranty issue? Bike is less than 3 months old! Only thing I've done to it is fit baffles to the mufflers (can't imagine this having caused any problems). Bike was purchased from causeway.



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    yep take it down there and get them to listen... Kawaka is known as quite good for there warrantee considering


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      Has your bike been around small children?

      They love putting things where they shouldn't...

      Edit...what I'm saying is...has something maybe been dropped down the you have a straight thru system, no baffles, it will fall all the way down to the cat...

      PS...just shook my cat...she didn't rattle but she sure scratched..


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        Hmm thats a good point... Maybe a small stone/pebble or something has made its way down there...

        Tempted to do some explorative surgery but I'd expect Causeway to do that for me "as a service" and not charge me for it.

        As for the small children, definately not, and I wouldnt expect my housemate to even come within 5 metres of my bike, if he did he knows I'd kill him. He has a habit of fucking things up and "not knowing anything about it" ...

        I'll go in and see causeway during the week. Hopefully they'll be helpful about it.

        EDIT: ....damn cats....who needs em anyway


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          If its the cat will be wrty. Done heaps of them under wrty on cars.



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            go buy a power commander and rip the rest of the cat out....

            2 benifits here: weight saving, more free flowing exhaust gasses
            I think about sex every tits seconds.