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best way to change colour of rims?

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  • best way to change colour of rims?

    I want to change the colour of the rims on my old blade to gold. same colour as the brake calipers on most bikes these days.

    just wanted to know if anyone had an input as to what the best way of doing it would be? ie painting, powdercoating or annodizing

    powdercoating was my first thought cos its cheap, and i dont have to do much in the way of prep. just dont know if they could do the colour i want?
    will knock off work early sometime and go visit a few, but in the meantime wanted some opinion/ experiences etc

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    If they're aluminium/alloy, polishing and anodising would be the most desirable (gives best colour IMO).

    Otherwise cleaning them up and painting would be #2.

    I seem to recall powdercoated rims having issues with disc bolt threads as the powder gets into the thread if not properly blocked off.


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      powder coating would be the most durable,it wont chip or scratch that easily.
      or take them to a bike paint shop or any paint shop that uses a good quality 2pac and get them re painted.

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        annodising is REALLY expensive isnt it??
        (by really expensive im thinking around $300)

        i wouldnt have thought id get them painted for less than that either?
        could do it myself, but after just painting all the fairings im sick of painting for a while

        cheers guys
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