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    Is it worth installing a aftermarket air filter? If so what brand is best and where do i get? Its for a k6 gsxr1000...

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    won't make a huge difference.. only difference is one is cleanable and one requires replacing (afaik) not sure which is which.. flow is pretty much the same I'm told.

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      Been told by a few ppl that K&N suck balls and to go with BMC if available.
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        I've got a washable K&N, and i think it kicks arse


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          I'd go aftermarket (K&N, BMC or DNA) over stock anyday.
          Can clean em out regularly and outlast paper.


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            OME has more pleats therefore more surface area for the air to pass through which means it does so at a lower velocity. i.e. since increase in velocity = increase in pressure drop to the squared, the more area the better the function. However, after market do not have the fine paper which easily catches n:1 test dust (20 Microns) and as such do not filter the air as good but give the same flow as OEM. After markets only real upside is you can clean them and re-use them, OEM throw away.

            now you decide.
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              If you're keeping the bike for 3-4 filters worth of "life", then the aftermarket filters make financial sense. Apart from that, there's no real performance benefit...


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                Changed standard filters (foam/oil) on my 998 and went
                with BMC filters (cotton/oil).

                There was a noticeable difference in performance.
                Also had to richen up 2 rpm zones with PCIII
                to stop popping on back off.

                I say go for either K&N or BMC..........


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                  my experience is after market does increase airflow, best used with pipe then retune. Just bought BMC for mine.



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                    K&N added recently to replace stock zook filter - bugger all difference that I've noticed. Yeah, nice to be able to clean 'em though for $30 every 12000km can you really be bothered?
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