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Tzr 250 misfiring on right cylinder

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  • Tzr 250 misfiring on right cylinder

    Basically screwed the tzr back together to ride as my other bikes getting repaired its running however its misfiring on the right cylinder where should i look first??

    Edit: it seems to only do this whilst the choke is on, once it warmed up i took the choke of and went for a short ride it was fine.

    Any ideas??
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    Too rich while choke is on?
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      Plug is somewhat fouled probably.

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        Just run without choke and go for a hard blat. Choke shouldn't really be used on days like this though? Maybe give the carbs a doing over.
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          Give it a good run once it's up to heat, not too long but make sure your on and off the throttle a fair bit, probably needs a bit of a clean out if it's been sitting around in bits for a while. Make sure plugs are in good nick (worth putting new ones in if it's been sitting around) and make sure your oils are topped up (what sort are you running by the way? I ran mineral based on my 4 stroke but find a 2 stroke needs full synth). What sort of fuel are you running on? make sure it only gets 98 octane as it runs way cleaner.

          If that doesn't do the job take it to Ric at motomax (races a TZ and knows more about 2 strokes than anyone else locally) and get him to check out your fuel mix, idle etc Otherwise it could run lean and seize a piston.

          ps never run it with the choke on, just use it to start the bike. Don't let it idle when warming it up blip the throttle up to about 5-6k rpm every now and then and keep the revs moving through the range up to 5-6k.

          2 strokes hate constant throttle, need to move through the rev range to ensure the oil is getting through the engine properly
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