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    hi all

    first let me apologise for my lack of knowledge here - blame it on the noobyness

    was cleaning my bike in the loverly weather just now and noticed that the exhaust pipes were very oily. Not were they extrude from the bike, but underneath the bike - under the fairings and eveything. So question 1 - is this right? the oil was kinda sludgy and was all over the pipes and other bits at the very bottom of the bike. then i decided to start her up and leave her running for a while and noticed that when the pipes started to heat up, whispy smoke started to come from the underneath of my bike. im thinking thats the oil start to heat up and burn off, right? so im guessing i have an oil leak somewhere, right?

    any help, or just a 'yes, u have an oil leak' is appreciated lol.


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    Yes you have an oil leak. Rip the fairings off and have a look
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      Could be flicked there from your chain, if it's where i'm thinking it is (used to have a new zzr).

      De-grease it all, put the bike on the centre stand, start it up and see if the oil re-appears or starts making more smoke...
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        as siad .. unbolt the fairings.. degrease the sump and pipes..
        Rinse off well. and then set up on teh centre stand and run up to temp..
        Check for the oil running down the front of the motor.. or some other place..

        Remember to ask the guys that work @ reputable bikes shops what your used vehicle warranty will cover..
        [ ?? Any sales guys like to answer this one for Alex.. ? ]
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          hot tip:
          when its nice and clean (and dry), put some talcum powder on the leaky spot, helps to show up the oil
          If its thick and gunky though, and anywhere near your chain, its probably collencted chain lube
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            Check around the sump area (leaky o ring) if its not from there check stator/clutch covers for leaky gaskets.

            And Check oil level to see if you have a leak
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