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Speedo issue ZX10

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  • Speedo issue ZX10

    Hey all,

    Okay, having a little issue with my speedometer at the moment.
    I've got a speedo healer installed (came with the bike).
    Sometimes when I wash it, or heavy rain... or even just riding in general, the speedo will drop out, sometimes momentarily and sometimes it will only drop in momentarily...

    I've tried getting a hairdryer to the S/H to dry her out, but that hasn't worked... I'll probably be pulling the fairings off tonight so I can take a look at the wiring and see if I can find a loose connection somewhere.

    It seems to be fine most of the time, but then when it's having issues it's a pain in the ass!!
    sometimes going over bumpy road will get it to drop in and out, sometimes if I do a stoppie it'll come in and out also...

    Anyone have any ideas, things to look for... WHERE I should look etc ?
    My S/H is mounted in a bit of a wierd spot if you ask me (next to the instrument cluster). Where it can get wet etc easily when it rains and what not... I've covered in a balloon for the moment and will leave it that way unless I can find the source of the problem...

    Help ?

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    sounds like you already know whats going on mate.

    water getting into something

    pull all the connectors apart, dry everything out, put em back together and make sure the water cant get back in.

    fews things you can do it.
    wrap everything in electrical tape, starting at the highest point and working down. not so great if you plan on pulling the connectors apart again.
    make the connectors higher than the wiring that its connected to, so water cant track down the wires and into the plug.
    keep stuff protected from the rain.

    if its only the speedo and not the whole dash/ headlights you can safely assume its the speedo healer circuit and not a fuse or main wiring harness
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      cheers Duffman

      Yeah pulled the left side fairings off and followed the wires.
      found one or two that seemed to have unravelled a little and seemed a tad damp so I pulled the old tape off and re-taped it back up.
      Even tape over the connectors leaving only a small space between one connector and the other so they can still come apart whilst its taped up

      Also pulled whatever sensor it is out of my front sprocket cover, cleaned it a bit and the hole it came from (not that either were all that dirty) and reinstalled it. placed the wiring into harnesses that were already there, though the wires weren't in.

      Seems to be working fine now, so not exactly sure if I've completely fixed the problem or only got it going for the meantime... hopefully she's sorted good and proper now cause I'll be damned if I can be fked pulling it apart all the time

      (PS, I LOVE Race stands makes it so much easier to test if the speedo was working or not


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        Use the heat shrink insulators if you can chief, it'll prevent it happening again. The 10s are a leaky ship to sail.

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          one of the first things i did when i bought the R1 is break apart all the connectors, clean them with contact cleaner and pack them with di-electric grease. I also soaked the microswitches in teflon dry lubricant to repel water and inhibit corrosion. Also wrapped the cable runs in polycarbonate where they run through the front cowling stay (which is a known cable chewer on the 04R1's).

          i HATE troubleshooting electrical problems. I will be doing this to all my bikes in the future.
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            Silicone over all the speedo connections? Works well on trailers etc...
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