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  • wheel pinstripes

    does anybody know if this is a easy job to do! stealers wanted $160+the price of the stripes $50 i'd have thought the stripes wouldnt be anymore than $10-$20

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    The fuck $160! Get them off ebay and fit them yourself for like 20 bux


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      amen! They are less than $20 on fleabay.

      Some of the reflective ones are cool
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        i bought mine from PSB RatedR-TLR ebay store
        $50 (inc postage) for white reflective, its cheaper for plain colours
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          ^WTS^. Get them off eBay and put them on yourself.

          Just make sure you clean the edge of the rim first, with something that doesn't leave a residue (white spirits/alternative), and make sure you buy the stripes that come pre-curved. I've seen a couple on eBay where they just give you a long length of pin-striping and tell you to go for it. The curved stripes are heaps easier.


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            Definitely do it yourself mate. I paid $100 for a signwriter place to do mine a few years ago before they were readily available on ebay etc. Seriously it took him about 5 minutes work. Would definiteyl just do it myself if I was to do it again.

            Borrow a stand from someone if you dont have one so you can just spin the wheel on the spot. The guy who did mine used a dab of clear nail polish to stick down the end so it didnt lift over time. Its worked so far...


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              We well them with the Suzuki Logo on them in a few colors for $69.

              We can fit them too. but not sure on price sorry.

              If you want cheap then get them from Ebay..

              Just don't winge to the bike shops that there cheaper on ebay.. Yes they are.. no we cant match that price..

              No we wont give you any Wanatry either..

              No they are not hard to fit..

              Good Luck

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                +1 FOR EBAY. the non-curved pinstripes arnt too bad, just take a little more TLC getting them on. and a paddock stand helps heaps too.
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                  The ones from RatedR-TLR are pre curved and use a stand/take it slow.
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                    remember someone saying rilusi do them for 60-70 fitted i think
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