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Fitting shogun knobs to 636

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  • Fitting shogun knobs to 636

    ok so i'm fitting these knobs and where the crossbar joins the bracket on the right side it either pushes down on the radiator hose (a couple mm ... say 4mm).

    personally I don't think that is right.

    anyone fitted these to a 636 and if so how did the right side connect up around the radiator hose? Surely it shouldn't put pressure on the hose.

    cheers if anyone can help


    Added pics to make explanation easier
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    Thats probably right. Doesnt look like its kinking the hose.

    Did you read the instructions etc a few times? Was there any spacers supplied that are left over etc?

    Any one else reported the same problem??
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      When you fully hook it up it actually pulls down on the hose and the radiator. IMO its putting stress in areas where realistically it should go straight over the top. For now i've left the cross bar out til they tell me what's wrong.

      They didn't send instructions. Another thing I put in my e-mail.


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        Is this the bike that was in level 1 Trakdays last weekend?

        If it is, bring all that stuff up with you next time your at the track and I'll take a look if no one helps you out in the mean time.

        I have pretty much the same bike so can see if its any better on my chassis - yours been dropped or anything?
        Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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          Shogun Knobs????? What are they???

          I'm assuming there simular to oggy's, in which case i'm pretty sure mine dont touch anything but I'd have to check to be sure.
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            The Shogun knobs appear to mount lower in the fairing apeture than the Oggies - so fitment is completely different.


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              its ok i found out my problem ... they sent me ZX10 thinking they were the same. I've since pointed out that they are completely different for fairing mounts etc and i've got a different set coming


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                WTF are you serious? What an inept bunch of fools they are.

                "Yeah dude, like the ZX10 and the 636 are like, totally the same dude"


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                  It wasn't shogun i was dealing with it was one of their re-sellers and I set them straight. I am getting my money back plus they are paying for return postage so its ok.