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  • Sidi boots or any ventilated

    Does anyone have the Sidi Vertigo Air boots? I'm looking at getting a pair. I've tried on some Oxtar TCS Replica boots in a 48 and they fitted me fairly well but a little loose around the calf.
    Just that most shops don't seem to stock size 48(13). Some manufacturers don't even make them that large.

    I'm thinking about getting them from the US since they are only 2/3 the price of local shops.

    I'm wearing Rossi's at the moment and I need to get some new boots before summer sets in.
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    Have the Sidi Air's and they're heaps cooler and a better fit than my B sidi's. Go and see Kev at Rick Gills.
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      ive got alpine stars smxR vented, great summer boot!

      theyre very comfy because theyre designed for practicality.

      Cost me 300-ish..


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        Steel Blue laceups FTW.

        All this nancy pancy textile/slider/knob crap is for wimps.
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          Yeah ,Just bought a pair recently , hardly know your wearing em theyre that light . Very comfy .Got from a place in Vic Park called Motorcycle Accesories, i think .


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            Good boots, as said are very light and have adjustable calf support. Mack 1 have them for around $460 I think.

            The only dramas I have with them is the stitching at the top rubs on my leg as I wear them under my draggins. Apart from that no other major problems.


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              sorry to hijack your thread, but how much can you get a pair from the US for?



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                I' very happy with my Oxtar tcs (they squeak a bit tho). Housemate's Sidi vertigo have a broken zipper.

                We didn't buy them that far apart - sure he uses his a little bit more than I do, but yeah... mine have pretty minimal wear and tear....
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                  Sidi Vertigo Air from for $275 US which is around $305 + P&H which may total just under $400 but I thought they were more than that here.
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                    I've got the Vertigo Air's. Great boots as the others have said. I have found that i can wear them for about 90% of the year as our winters just arent that cold.

                    I've got size 45 - so not much use you trying them on.

                    I also got them from newenough. I searched around and no one in Perth gave me a price anywhere even close to newenough.


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                      have a look on eBay, there are a few shops selling them stateside for US275

                      eBay Motors: Sidi Vertigo Air race boots Free Shipping!! Blk Size 47 (item 220102689221 end time Nov-10-07 18:15:06 PST)

                      so look around and see who can do the cheapest postage.