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Speedo cable cracked.

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  • Speedo cable cracked.

    The speedo cable on my ZZR250 is cracked where the Cable plug is attached on the front wheel. So my speedo isn't working, which isn't too big of a problem(speed limits? what?) but it means my trip meter doesn't work. Sooner or later I'll run out of fuel unexpectedly, most likely in the middle of nowhere.

    Can it be fixed on the cheap? Rat Bike solutions are fine with me, or do I need a new cable?

    Also I've got a hole in the vinyl on the seat about 5cm in diameter, whats a good way to patch that up?

    Usually I'd go and search for answers for a while before posting but its the last week of uni for the year, and I really don't have time for random pop up porn on the internizzle distracting me for hours at a time...

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    same thing happened to my brothers zzr about a week ago. head down to Motomax in cannington (albany hwy near manning rd).

    about ten bucks should get you a new cable. The're helpful guys if you catch them on a good day. hope you get it working!