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Where to buy Cafe Racer Ace/Clubman Bars in Australia?

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  • Where to buy Cafe Racer Ace/Clubman Bars in Australia?

    I'm looking for some Cafe Racer style handlebars for my Yamaha Triple, where would be a good place to find some in Australia, otherwise I spose I could use ebay...... :mellow:
    Also looking for some Chrome Bar End Mirrors and some small classic style indicators if anyone has any suggestions or can help............


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    Thunderbikes do the Laverda adjustable drop down bars (not cheap) can't say I can picture the ace bars in my heap atm. If not Mario will probally be able to tell you where to get them not sure about small classic style indicators all genuine calssic indicators i've seen could double as pelican crossings. Isn't it true calssic style to have no indicators and wave your arms about instead?
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      I'll go in and see Mario later on, she what he can find me.
      And yeah true classic indicators would have been waving arms around, but I'd prefer to have some to keep to po po happy and because the occasional retard will probably think im just waving at them and not signaling


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        VeeTwo do a nice multi-adjustable bar, various diameters. Stupid pricing, nice kit.

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