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Yoshies on My SV1K!

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  • Yoshies on My SV1K!

    Firstly, Jeff from Mat Mladin Imports is a top Bloke. If the others at Mat Mladin are like him (and why shouldn't they), its a top company. He went out of his way to get me these pipes due to unforseen circumstances beyond his control.

    Got the Yoshies on the SV and running w/o baffles.
    THe bike is LOUD
    But the sound is very deep and tight with a slight mettallic overlay at standstill and every rev of each cylinder bellowing proudly like Kodo drums on steroids at higher revs.

    Lound, nasty and sooo tight! Hope that helps indescribing how it sounds

    Build quality wise, certainly not up there with Staintunes or Two Bros but I have no soubt one of the best sounding for the SV.

    Not running any remamp or tuning as as standard the engine is actually running smoother, cooler and the buttourquometer says that tourque has moved slightly up the rev range.

    Rapt now that my Sv sounds like a bike should.
    Now just got to learn to ride as badass I sound!

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    Video of new pipes!

    Interesting you say the Yoshis arnt in line with the Staintunes and Two Bros quality, I woulda put them right up there with em.