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Parking lights 07 ZX10

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  • Parking lights 07 ZX10

    Does anyone know what type of bulb the parking lights on an 07 ZX10r? I want to replace them with some green LED style ones.

    I'm sure there is like some led replacement bulbs in an h4 base? (if they are an H4 bulb from factory...)

    EDIT: Doesn't appear to be a premade green replacement. Red/Yellow only. Bugger, doesn't look like a job for today then.

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    Try looking on ebay at ratedr parts online store i'm pretty sure they have the coloured globes in most colours.


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      yah ebay.
      Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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        Hey Timbo come by my place on saturday and i'll show you the correct LED's to use.

        piss easy to install just don't rip the rubber grommets like i did.
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          Appreciate the offer Elmoh but I'll have to pass. Tied up all day with other crap I gotta get sorted out before Sunday. (woot PSB trackday FTW!).

          I'll just browse around ebay for a while and see what I come up with.


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            no worries, just head down to super cheap and pull one of ur parkers out and look at the contact blade, you'll be able to pick which is the right LED to fit.
            thats where i got mine, bout $7 i think.
            I think about sex every tits seconds.