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05 gsxr 600 temp

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  • 05 gsxr 600 temp

    Being new to big bikes. I have a noob question to ask.

    How hot is it supposed to get it has a temp gauge on the dash it dets up to 110 when stuck in traffic is this normal.
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    Not having had a Gix, I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't say that is overly high.
    Thermo's kick in?


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      110 is no brainer. If anything that model GSXR is a little "slow" in engaging the thermo. It usually waits until its over 100 (from memory, its been a while since summer) before it actually turns on.

      So it'll be like this for summer (air temp > 35 degrees)

      Cruising - high 80's
      Stop at lights - climb to over 100 (especially on lights with a long wait time)
      Thermo kicks in - starts to drop down to low 90's
      Lights go green - back to high 80's for cruising


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        On temps... most modern engines are happy around 95c+ (heat helps them with emissions compliance).

        My 600rr kicks the thermo in at 106 (which it will generally reach standing still for prolonged periods, regardless of air temp) - manual indicates that 120+ is something to be concerned about (and it will flash the display).

        What pkunk says is about the same as my experience on the 600rr too.

        I'd say there's nothing to be concerned about so long as the temp is dropping when the thermo kicks in, and temp is ok in normal riding...
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