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Starcom Digital Install + GPS question

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  • Starcom Digital Install + GPS question

    Hi Everyone,
    Finished installing the starcom system in the fireblade yesterday, thought i'd post how it finished up, in case anyone is thinking of getting one. The install itself is easy. Remove fairings, run cables, secure everything with cable ties and velcro. Also, I forgot to take photos of that part.

    Anyway, here is the finished thing:

    Bulkhead mount for rider + pillion headsets and additional music input.

    The remote unit for overriding the preset behaviour/adjusting vox levels

    The Push to Talk switch, for overriding vox or to mute inputs in case something goes screwey with the voice commands

    The brains themselves

    The power filter, to ensure nice, isolated audio

    The radio, to talk to the girl

    How it all fits nicely out of the way

    Righto, to my question.
    I was rummaging around for cable ties yesterday when i found my old ipaq.
    It's an h5550 running pocket pc 2003 premium, well it is now, i'd forgotten that i'd loaded familiar linux onto it, anyway, after 3 hours of slow slow slow serial transfers, it's back to ms and ready to roll.

    I'm going to mount it on the bike, connected via bluetooth to the starcom, so that it will become my "sound system". I'd like to run GPS software on it as well, it needs to have audio cues and support a bluetooth GPS receiver. Speaking of which has anyone got any advice on the receiver itself?

    I'm thinking of sticking the Ipaq here

    I've checked it for interference with the forks, and it should be sweet, Any thoughts?

    Edit: This is the only 'external' signs of more cables running around the place
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    Good day,
    You happy with the Starcom? I've been thinking about getting one but so far have not found somebody other than sales people to talk to about it.