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    Just had a bike in brissie inspected for me which I am looking to buy. Its from a dealer with no current rego so I would have to roadworthy it and rego it over here. The guy I got to inspect it said that there were a couple of things wrong with it. One being a perishing rear tyre. The other problem is that the front and rear disks are too thin (for queensland at least).

    The rear tyre is easy enough to fix, but the disks are apparently $200 each. They're only out by 0.02 mm on the front and 0.06 mm on the rear. Is this an issue when getting a bike registered in wa?

    Cheers, Rob

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    I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

    IMHO it must have had a hard life if the disks are below the limit.

    There are plenty of good dealers here in WA.

    Go and see Dale and the boys at Cuaseway Motorcycles.

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      The inspection summary basically said it hasn't been looked after very well, but could be fixed pretty easily with a little tlc. Can't have had that hard a life with only 18000kms on the clock can it? It was imported 12/99.

      Its a suzuki bandit and I can't find one over here, although I did see one on the road the other day.

      Answer on the disks anyone?


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        if the discs are worn that much either ithey have seen a huge amount of use...or the clock has be wound back i'd say

        i would expect the discs to last more than 18000 kms!
        What size bandit???

        also i doubt they would look at the discs when u are trying register it over here... my bike went over the pits fine - and u can ask anyone about that! :shock:


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          It's a 250. I was told by John from Q-Check (did the inspection) that it uses quite soft disks, same as the across. Even so, still sounds a bit dodgy :?

          What did they look at on your bike?


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            Styrofoam does not a good disc make.


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                if it's from a dealer why dont you make them fix it up before you buy it?
                isn't there some law about them selling unroadworthy bikes?
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