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workshop SOR for kwaka zr 250 balius

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  • workshop SOR for kwaka zr 250 balius

    Ok guys bike has an issue... seems to be that the alternator decided to call it quits... any recommendations on somewhere SOR to take the bike to have it fixed?

    I would fix it myself, but exams are just about to start and I could do without the distraction, and I need the water pump impellor fixed, as well as a tune and oil/filter change too... so might as well get it all done in one hit and have her ready to celebrate the end of exams


    PS - what is the easiest way of getting my bike there? charge my battery and ride it there whilst it gets the charge sucked out of it again? or just hire a trailer and tow it? (I have bike tie downs)
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    i would charge the battery and ride it, you could turn off the headlight or take out the bulb to reduce drain, I ran my old suzi gs for months on a stuffed altenator just put in a freshly charged batt ever couple of days. I dunno about shops SOR but one with a loaner bike could be better.
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      yeah i suggested that, but dad reckoned it wouldnt last?
      Sounds like the best option though...

      Ill have a look in the phone book for bike workshops around the place, im not really too sure about where is reputable and such....


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        Why not organise somebody mobile to come to you? Derek Ball has worked with those bikes before and could easily strip/leave/return/replace depending on what parts he had to collect in advance etc. That way the bike stays at your house.

        He really looks after PSBers too.
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          What year is it as when i my 1989 Spada needed a cam chain replacement a lot of the shops said they wouldn't do it as its to old?? WTF??

          i ended up getting it done at a place in myaree, epic motorcyles. cost a bit tho. i've got tyres from these guys as well .

          just try and ring around and see who can do it.

          could try the kawasaki place on causeway.


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            yeah its a 1995 model.. age probably shouldnt be an issue


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              I got my old ZZR250 serviced by Grumma Racing, 5 Star Yamaha refered me to him. He is a guy that works out of his garage, very good (I think he works on a lot of race bikes) and very reasonable price. SOR too. Unfortunately I don't have his number but if you call 5 Star they'll tell you.
              Also I've got a ZZR250 engine with a busted head that would have all of the parts you need, I was going to sell the bits on ebay. PM me if you want to save some $$$.


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                itll last. Millsy rode his bike to the track with a stuffed alternator, and did the trackday, albeit changing batteries a lot
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