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Which Exhaust Would You Get????

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  • Which Exhaust Would You Get????

    One has a little dilemma... I'm about to buy a Gixer 1000 K8 and will be getting a few mods done to it at the time of purchase and obviously the exhaust is the No. 1 mod... But which one, I like all three options and it will be a bit hard.... I kinda fancy the dual Yoshi's but they come at a price. So question stands which one you like:

    1. Jardine GP1

    2. Taylor Made

    3. Yoshimura (Carbon Fiber)

    Jardine GP1
    Taylor Made
    Yoshimura Dual (Carbon Fibre)
    Non of the above

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    i prefer the look of the k7 pipes, the yoshi's just look too fat and the jardine's i just don't like the look of. my $0.02


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      Taylor made for me, the Jardines would be great in another colour or finish, but as they are they don't really suit the bike.

      I like the GP style pipes as they really make the machine look clean, the yoshis are just too chunky.
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        I like the Taylor Made. Nice and clean.
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          Intresting I like the jardines they look like exhaust pipes. The taylor made have that deflated bag pipe (applogies to Kev Kerr) block of leggo thing going on. The Yoshi's next best option they have the old school dual pipes thing going on.

          Wonder which one makes most improvment to the motor's performance? At least with the Suzuki you have the rest of the bike to distract people if you go for an ugly exhaust.
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            Well the dual setup on the lastest Gixxers is hideous for a start. So with that in mind, for me the Yoshis are out cos they accentuate the gheyness of having a side-slung pipe on either side. Taylor Made looks like they're appempting to hide the existance of an exhaust all together.

            The Jardines however, are just pure sex. Slash-cut, fluted shorties that look like they belong on a Superbike or GP machine rather than robot canons off some science fiction film. And they're LOUD
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              Hey Mr M,

              The guys in the U.S on the forums have been hangin a bit of shyte on the Taylor made systems.

              One of the dudes was asked why he wasn't happy, here is his response;

              big fitment issues. one of my carbon trim pieces literally melted. they did replace the carbon piece but cant get it to fit right to save my life.
              Might be a knob?

              Does look shit hot tho.
              Check this link below, he has just about every type covered with pics.
              Jimmy the Gixxer

              This new Micron looks nice too!

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                Ive seen them and heard them and theyre sweet


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                  That micron looks pretty good. If it was me I'd go that or the jardine. I'm with Orson, the fat dual side paniers (sorry exhaust pipes) look like rubbish in my opinion. When I first saw the jardines on Seandre's bike I was really impressed, cleans up the look a lot and sound awesome.
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                    I'm obviously biased.
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                      I recon the taylor mades look dam fine


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                        I love Max Biaggi's WSBK bike with the dual Arrow system. A bit higher and that would be sweet.


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                          Looks nice but i imagine dual ti arrows would be $$$$$


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                            Originally posted by Mik1000 View Post
                            This new Micron looks nice too!

                            I was told about these.... Approximately same price as the Yoshis (2K for a set) and they do look rather nice!!!!
                            I kinda got hooked on the dual Yoshi's, they are slimmer than stock pipes sit closer to bodywork and look real nice in real life lot better than stock ones. Dual exhaust make the bike look big and mean and I kinda like that. However, I also clean look the GP style exhaust too... Jardines are very nice but am not to sure about how loud are they relay and dislike the fact that the cat is exposed. I don't know, it seems like it will be a bloody hard decision but a good one to make... There's nothing like the excitement of getting a new toy