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  • Metallic paints...

    How hard is it to spray metallic paints yourself if you have access to a compressor and spray booth?
    Much harder than solid/candy colours?

    Can it be done in a day (say in 6 parts - 5x fairings/guards and a tank)?

    I'm thinking of doing the viffer in silver if it doesn't sell...

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    pretty sure doing it in one day isnt a good idea, i think you want some time between clearcoats
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      Could it be done in 2 sittings then?

      One week for paint, then let it dry.
      A week (or two) later, put on stickers and do clearcoat?


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        What about primers, and cutting back, and polishing and all the other prep/finishing work that happens. I'm no expert, but there's alot more to it than picking up a spraygun.
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          Yah I've been sanding back race glass. fuck it's a lot of work.


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            you going to use 2pak or acrylic ?....either way you can do it in a day....if you've done the prep beforehand


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              Depends what you are painting it with, two pack or acrylic, then it depends what sort of two pack, just a hi-gloss on its own or base coat and clear coat
              If using acrylic with clear over, and you want the stickers under the clear coat, i would spray color, leave for a week, face back with 1200 wet put stickers on and clear it, then leave it for a week and cut/polish it. If using two pack, and you happen to have a spray booth/oven base coat and clear over can all be done in a couple of hours.
              Acrylic could be done in a day, including stickers and clear over, just leave it a while after last coat of colour before you sticker and clear it, all depends on just how good a job you want really
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                if the gun is good, the pressure is right, the paint is right thinness, it is as easy as spilling paint...
                2 pac is s'posed to be the best way to go.. but it will kill you so use correct BA gear..
                metallics spray the same as candies if the the set-up is right.
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                  I've got a paid week off between Christmas and New Years, so I'd probably be doing a whole bunch of stuff then, or shortly afterwards, probably including the catless headers and some wiring mods for the headlight and additional lights behind the fairing.

                  I've got no issues with doing sanding and bogging and shaping.

                  Would be using 2-pak & clear coat if a breather is <$200. I've used cans before, and they come up ok, but would rather do things properly.

                  I'll probably set up a temporary spray booth in the back yard if the forecast is looking good at the time (rope, pegs, pickets & drop sheets).

                  Any ideas how hard it would be to do a Rothmans colour scheme Insane?


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                    Originally posted by Jonchilds View Post
                    ..... and some wiring mods ..........
                    thats just asking for trouble on the viffer isnt it?

                    i got a decent respirator off ebay for sub $100
                    3m 6800
                    gonna modify it and hook it up to the compressor to make it positive pressure though.

                    as far as a d.i.y. booth goes, i made one in the garage.
                    started in the backyard, but it was just too windy. hope you have more luck than i did.
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                      Heh, stock headlights are 55/60W for the low beam, but only the 55w directional filament is wired up.
                      I want it to switch to the 60W non-directional filament when I switch to high so I get better coverage.

                      Also want to put some EL wiring behind the fairings to make it nice and glowy (perhaps try and go for the TRON look )

                      Haven't got a garage here, and the car port is a wind-tunnel.
                      Plenty of trees in the back yard to tie sheeting to, and if I get most of the work done in the mornings is should be fairly calm. I need to put some paint on the Z, so will be doing it all at the same time (different colour though).

                      If you're going to modify the mask for positive pressure, don't use the compressor or you'll get oil and other fumes come through the line. Buy a proper mask or something...