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WP shock reservoir trashed - need replacement

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  • WP shock reservoir trashed - need replacement

    Hey there fellow Riders,

    Got a small dilemma I'd like some feedback on. Firstly let me say that I caused the problem with my own stupidity, so bearing in mind the self flogging I have inflicted upon myself, be kind!

    I trashed (wore a hole in) my remote reservoir on my WP shock. It's an older style one that has a separate reservior attached to the main shock by means of a braided hose. One of the bike shops whom I approached, kindly checked with the WP disrtibutors and they said I can't get a replacement cannister!
    I bought an older GSXR cannister as a replacement, but am concerned that it will dramatically alter the damping characteristics. So I was wondering what advice any of you kind folk could give me.

    Do I fit GSXR cannister and try fix older cannister by means of metal glue or have it welded shut and re-machined to size? That's if I can dissasemble the whole thing!

    Any sage words of wisdom appreciated.

    Thanks heaps,
    Rob the RG500 owner!

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    Is this for the RG500 or a GSXR? WP were standard fit on Guzzi "sport" bikes through the 90's Daytona 1100 sport Centauro yep ok its a small field but you might get lucky try or :: All about the Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans, Sport, cafأ© Sport, Ballabio, Rosso Corsa, Nero Corsa & Scura they are also standard equipment on KTMS and Huseaburgs but the damping is probally all over the shop for what you want. Dunno for sure about the damping thing but you would think yes it would make a difference. Would it be possible the gut the workings of the WP shck and fit them in the GSXR canister?
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      I have not seen the shock but the damping concerned is prolly just the low speed comp. This is prolly done by a tapered needle on a seat pretty crude really. I'd just make sure its roughly the same size holes and away you go. The WP gear I've worked on uses a piston to separate the oil and gas, the new one will use a bladder which is better anyway less stiction and was a hot option to retro fit a bladder to some models anyway.


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        you could take it to, say russell speak at dynotime and see if he can do anything with it ?????


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          Can you post a pic of the hole?

          JB Weld is great stuff for plugging holes in crankcases etc so I dont see why it wouldn't work.
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            Thanks for the feedback gents. IT is a WP shock that originally came off a GSXR. It had a 6.5kg spring, which was ballpark for the RG. I had the shock revalved and an eyelet added to replace the GSXR fitting.

            The replacement reservior is larger and off a '90-something GSXR 750.
            If I get the opportunity to, I'll take a snap and post it. But I think I'll be seeing Russell Speak or someone like Joondalup Motorcycles, because it will need the reservior put on, necessitating a regas and new oil! I have thought of welding versus epoxy! OR if the cannister can be separated to have another outer made from similar sized tubing! Then again, being a pressurised and specialised piece of equipment, perhaps just junk it!


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              There is a fella just down from Dynotime(same block) called FME his name is Gavin. He builds all sorts of bikes and just about anything. If it can be repaired he will beable to do it or just make a new one.