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  • snagged throttle

    Ok so my throttle seems like it is snagged. I caused the problem directly I'm sure by using the grips as tie down points on the way to the trackday. They were fine when we got there but when packing up to leave we pulled too tight and now part of the plastic under the grip is exposed. It actually looks as though I have pulled the whole thing, not just the grip, out about 3-4mm.

    I only finished cleaning my bike and putting it back together last night. Tonight I'll pull the bar end off, remove the grip and check the throttle cable. I had a quick look at the cable and it doesn't look bent but I didn't really pay attention to it beforehand so perhaps I wouldn't recognise the problem

    Any advice?
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    Might pay to check the cable, and where it attaches to your throttlebodies if an inspection of the grip doesn't turn anything up.


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      Can you take a piccy of whats the problem?

      Do you have one of the bar strap things for tieing down? Just trying to think what the problem is
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        its alright, i opened up the throttle cable housing on the bars and it was a bit chewed. the lateral pull on the cable connection caused the plastic to twist and snap. its fixed for the moment but will need a replacement. i just cleaned it up so it doesn't snag but i wouldnt want to to another trackday on it. its only the accelerator side so at least i can still slow down if it goes.
        im a holding, stroking, loving machine...also spanking