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    Ok, got given a GPS Satnav..

    I tried to put it on my bike - but i dont trust the suction cup.. so i'm gonna need a bracket for it.. any suggestions to hang on my screen bar for my 97 cbr rr 900 ?

    Also, It's running Navigator software..

    Any idea on how i update this ? I've searched high and low online - nothing..
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    Pay a visit for software


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      Post a pic of the unit...we can then offer advice.

      Is the unit weatherproof? If not, you may need a tank bag to put it in.
      On a similar note, I used the car GPS last week on the bike. Plugged in Ninja's address, shoved the ear phone's socket in to the GPS, chuck the GPS in my pocket (Jacket)...and listened to bitching betty tell me where to go.

      Next upgrade will be a memory card for the GPS with my favourite tunes. Goes well, until Betty says "Turn Left". "Turn Left".........."re-calculating"
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      I'm probably fucking something up.
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        Bend up a bracket from some aluminium rod, and secure it using your screens mounting bolts. Then find a way to secure the GPS to the bracket.