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  • another tyre thread

    i tried searching, but didn't get much. my new bike has Avon tyres on it, Avon Viper Sport on the front and Avon Azaro ST on the back.

    What are they like as a tyre? Everyone recommends Bridgestone/Michelin/Pirelli, etc but never hear anyone here say Avon.

    should i be pulling them off at first chance, or are they actually a good tyre?

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    They are an OK sports tourer.
    I'd go bridgey BT's when you get the chance.


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      thanks jim. sell me a bike with shite tyres...



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        Pirelli Corsa III's, great grip wet or dry, shite mileage
        .. and thats Racer # 193 to y'all; my fabulous sponsors (who all do good shit) are: Graeme Fleming IT Consultants, Vision Image, Pacific Safety Wear, Excess Power Equipment, Pro Photo Booth

        .. and according to Sean'o: 'get the Kwaka (never thought i would say that!)'


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          The BT014 will probably work well on the Viffer and give good wear but I wouldnt be pushing them in the wet. They're a good commuting tyre for sportbikes but they have their limitations, like any OEM type tyre.


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            BT014 was on my GSR .. awesome tyre in the dry - loved it at barbagallo for two trackdays (kinda toast now) but FUCKED in the wet.


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              I'm Tired of tyre threads
              Real Men Ride Nakid


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                The Azaro ST I had on the front of the VFR was scary shit.
                Changed them to the Avon Storms and have been very happy.
                Viper Sport is sticker than the storms apparently.


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                  avon are not bad tyre.....just another euro brand tyre.
                  tyre choose all depend on the road u travel, like country or city areas.....
                  why dont u give dunlop a try?
                  or call peter at tyres for bikes....ask what he thinks


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                    How do you find them? If you think they're ok, keep with them. You can only ride as well as your confidence lets you. Similar to bikes, most modern tyres will allow you to do way more than you could even dream of. Let me put it another way. Race tyre technology from as little as 10 years ago is now your sport touring tyres....... if Doohan could win a world championship on the technology of the tyre you are using at the moment, you should have no problems with it.
                    Some people that recommend the best tyre that you can buy are full of it. You have to take into account your riding style, what type of riding you intend to do, as well as your budget. If you can afford a $500 set of tyres every 3000km's, and you ride aggressively on the street at high speeds, go for that expensive tyre, as you will may need the additional grip.
                    If you do mostly touring rides, at sedate speeds, with a pillion regularly on the back, those tyres aren't for you. Honestly although most factories are a little stingy, the tyre "grade" if you like, that comes on the bike, gives you a good indication of what type of riding style the bike has been designed for. Find something that is a similar style in any manufacture, and you'll have a good tyre for your bike.
                    There is no need to put the stickiest shit on your bike, because no matter how great the tyre is, you can't turn a GPX250 into a racebike just because you are running Pirelli SuperCorsa Pro's, and conversely, if you ride in that racier style, the GPX isn't the bike for you to do it in.
                    You should choose your bike and equipment for what you intend to use it for.
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