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    well the story goes... i want a undertail exhaust on my cbr954....
    so will extending the exhaust make it loose power??

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    not neccesarily mate, what can affect the power is the more restrictions you put into the system, for example bends, silencers etc, as they cause the exhaust gas flow to slow down and build back pressure, which in excess can cause performance issues.

    The best way to overcome this is to have the pipework mandrel bent, this retains the tubes original inner diameter throughout the bend, reducing the ammount the exhaust gasses slow down, thus limiting the affect on the engines ability to breathe, and also use the best flowing silencers you can get to fit, I.e. Straight through ones

    But in reality if you do a decent job of it and use the right silencers, have it re mapped/jetted etc, I don't think it will make a dramatic difference to performance.

    This is only my opinion on the matter mate, your best bet would be to speak to a dyno guy or someone who builds exhausts to discuss your options, and see what they would recommend?
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