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  • tail legalitys

    what are the legality's or the rear lenght of a motorbike.. ive heard different things... but im asking as what im planning to do will make the muffler outlet the rear of the bikes futherest point....

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    I'm assuming you're thinking about a funky german fighter tail, which is awesome
    I wouldn't worry about the tip of the muffler being the rear-most point. Heaps of the 06/07 blades, with aftermarket pipes, have them sticking out a fair way. The Two Brothers pipe on that model must stick out a good 2 or 3" past the tail.
    I'd imagine your major concern would be how much rear wheel sticks out, un-guarded.
    Worry about getting yellow lickys later. Go for it

    **this has been a completely uninformed opinion**

    edit: I reckon it'd be easiest to head down to the pits one day, and just speak to one of the inspectors. They should be able to set you right.


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      Over east they run an imaginary line from your rear axle up and back at a 45 degree angle. Bodywork must come to this line (I think a full hugger is good enough).

      I've never heard of it being enforced over here, they're more worried about indicators and plate positioning.
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        If your fender was the mainissue in chopping it back, you could always try BMW's trick...

        Now a totally sweet stoppie pic.


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          benditto ive seen that before , its a good idea but will crap the style of the german body work and hugger, that is soon to be.... mabbe i could fiber one up?!?!? but my most concern is the undertail pipe i have planned... itll be the futherest onit at the rear of the bike, but how high can it be...


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            I had a copper look at my bike "Mongrel"... he made a passing comment about the air flow between my seat unit and my tyre... Im going to have to make a hugger etc. I also have to make a bracket to extend the gap between the rear indicators too lol... got till Mar 08 till I have to change rego to WA....

            Handled by one.... Feared by all