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Disk lock?

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  • Disk lock?

    just a quick question.

    is it more safer to put the disk lock on the front or back disk? or doesnt it make a difference?


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    when you mean safer - you mean against theft, or against you ruining your discs when you ride off before taking it off?

    to be honest, to me a disc lock is more useful as a visual deterrent. so front wheel for me. easily seen and hopeful deter thieves from trying


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      Yep, with spiral cord up and over the throttle (that's saved me at least three RHS calipers and disks )
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        The results of a ride-off with the disc lock still on are less spectacular if it's on the rear.

        But yeah, generally on the front with the lock tight up against the caliper so I can't roll the bike forward/backwards (whichever way is out of the bay).

        Or, more generally I don't bother unless I'm leaving the bike somewhere risky for a long period.


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          Up front. Really nice visual deterrent.
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            shweeeeet guys. thanks


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              Mine goes on the rear so worst case it hits the rear caliper instead of taking the front guard off. As far as forgetting it’s on the bike or being a visual deterrent it’s an alarmed lock so it’s pretty difficult to forget it’s there once you move the bike off the stand… and yeah, I think I’ve used it about 3 times. Only goes on when I park somewhere pretty dodge in which case I’m usually more inclined to take the car.
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                I usually stuck it on the front but I always thought the rear would be better because you've got the steering lock on the front, so having it on the back gives at least some little protection at each end - ie they would have to lift both ends they couldnt wheel it away.