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Has anyone seen one of these?

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  • Has anyone seen one of these?

    Saw this on the way home yesterday (ok not the best photo), It's basically a wheel ramp with sides and a front stop. It's got a length of RHS welded below with eyelets for the handle bar tie-downs and the whole lot is welded to a section of SHS that slides into the standard tow-ball sleave.

    I wouldn't want to tow for a long period on it but it would rock for those breakdowns when you can't get your hands on a trailer. And it's small enough to chuck in a corner when it's not in use.

    So anyone know if these are on the market?


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    wonder if its legal to use?


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      It appears to be a towing dolly like they use in the UK. Not sure whether they are legal here but in reality it's no different to one car towing another (just the other vehicle being towed is a bike).

      I'd be concerned about the chain and rear end being allowed to rotate without any 'normal' operating weight on it. If that makes any sense.


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        no, must be crash tested.
        but who the fark is going to
        a)ping you for that (ie copper)
        b)bother when at the end of the day a rear impact is 90% of the time instant their fault...

        c)who cares, NIKE - just do it!
        "Redlines are merely suggestions"
        "Stroked is fun, but I'ld rather get blown"


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          Yeah i dont think its an every day kind of thing but it would sure beat the hell out of leaving your bike for some piece of shit to steal


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            F**k doing the legwork yourself, call Murdoch.
            The broken genius.