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XR400 engine into XR250 frame

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  • XR400 engine into XR250 frame

    Hi All

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows if it is possible to fit a XR400 engine straight into the frame of a 1995 XR250 Honda.

    Looking at a couple of options if available. Prefer this option as the 250 lacks some what power....

    Riding to work this morning I headed to the front of the traffic at the lights. Sitting waiting for them to turn green. Wacked it into first ready for take off let the clutch out, and then nothing. There I was sitting in the middle of the road with all this traffic building up behind me. (well wasnt alot but still a bit embarrasing). A bit of a hike to work...well half way till I called someone to pick us up...hahha

    What has happened is the front sprocket on the input shaft has given in. Yes easily fixed you may say by just replacing....however not this time.....this was welded on by someone in the its the weld that has given away.....hahaha

    Any suggestions would be great....

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    check out some of the gear ballards sells or ask them, they are amazing with the XR range
    Ballards Offroad Dirt Bike Parts & Accessories
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      Ballards FTW!

      I had an XR250 a few years back with the full ballards kit. It rawked....
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      • #4 an XR400?

        You could do some Ballard's mods to the 250 or you could sell it and get a 400 with more power from stock and THEN do mods

        Personally I would repair the 250 and upgrade later. I'm unsure if the frame and engine size of the 250 are similar, but if you were bent on doing it, you could give Honda Country in Rocko a call (if they still exist that is) and ask the workshop guys there. They used to be big XR dealers and knew all sorts of mods and tricks.

        I was going to get Ballards piston/boring kit and cams for my XR600 but I was too chicken :O


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          Bot piontless on such and old bike IMO athough if want to be a real hoon fit the 250 ignition unit to the 400. The other problem is that a lot of trial riders are all misty over the departing of the aircooled XR series espcailly the the 400's/600's and finding a 400 motor for reansoble price might be a bit tricky. Personally you would be better of getting something like a modern water cooled 250 dirt bike like the DR250 streets ahead of the old XR's.
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